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Zero Cost, Zero Risk

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Tech Trim is


Zero cost and zero risk



We invest our time and experience to locate ongoing cost savings for your Real Estate firm and productivity enhancements for your Sales team and Property Managers.

Our innovative fee model means you only pay a portion of the savings you gain.




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Trim my risk

Data leaks and system compromises can be extremely costly. They damage reputation, disrupt business operations, and can cause data loss. It is not a matter of if it happens, but when. We will reduce the chance of the incident occurring and the cost to recover.


Trim Risk

Trim my bills

Let us review your internet, electricity, mobile and printing bills and find ways to reduce your ongoing cost. We’ll find suitable alternative providers that provide the same or a better result at a lower costs.


Trim Bills

Trim my inefficiency

Free your staff from busy work, meaning they can focus on business outcomes. With higher productivity you can scale your business and do more with less. We look for ways to automate work, streamline information flow and upskill staff.


Trim inefficiency

Tech Trim is

Zero cost and zero risk.